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Heath Tournier Contractors are a leading evaporative cooler provider in Geelong and have a wealth of experience in air conditioning to advise on the most appropriate cooling system for you.

What is an evaporative cooler?

An evaporative cooler or evaporative air conditioner cools outside air through the evaporation of water. Air that’s drawn in passes through moist cooling pads and is cooled through the process of evaporation, and this air is distributed throughout ducts in the home or building to cool any number of rooms.

Comparing an evaporative cooler and traditional air conditioners

Evaporative coolers can be more economical in that they are more energy efficient and cheaper to install than an air conditioning system. An evaporative cooler circulates fresh air and can operate with windows and doors open, while air conditioners recirculate air and typically work best in enclosed areas. Evaporative coolers are also quieter than many air conditioners.

Speak with our friendly team at Heath Tournier Contractors about our evaporative air conditioner service in Geelong and see whether an evaporative cooler would work well in your home or next building project. Or for any other jobs around your home, large or small, check out the range of services we offer. You will see that one phone call to us is all it takes to tick every job off your list, and as an incentive, we have special packages for those using us for more than one service.