Air Conditioning

Reverse Cycle Split System Air Conditioners

Air Conditioning

When you’re looking at both warming and cooling your home or office, a reverse cycle split system air conditioner ticks all the boxes for both comfort and convenience. Heath Tournier Contractors offer a specialist air conditioner service in Geelong and will give you honest advice on your air conditioning needs.

Reverse cycle split system air conditioners are popular for many reasons, namely that you can combine both heating and cooling in the one unit unit and they are an affordable option. This air conditioning unit features a head unit which is mounted on the wall of the room you wish to cool and the condenser situated outside the house. The experienced team at Heath Tournier Contractors will do an assessment of your site and advise whether a split system or ducted system is more appropriate for you.

Reasons to install a reverse cycle split system air conditioner are:

  • they are quiet
  • they are easy to install, reducing installation costs
  • they can heat and cool
  • they are easily controlled
  • they look great and come in many designs to find one that will match in with any room.

So, for a hassle-free installation of a reverse cycle split system air conditioner, get in touch with Heath Tournier Contractors. And, if you combine the installation with any of the other services we offer, such as plumbing and gas fitting, electrical work in Geelong or solar power installation, we can offer you a special package rate.