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Ducted Reverse Cycle Split System Air Conditioners

Air Conditioning

A ducted reverse cycle split system air conditioner is a great solution to heat or cool your entire home or take advantage of the different zoning options to heat or cool certain rooms of your house at different times of the day.

Heath Tournier Contractors are a leading provider of air conditioning services in Geelong and their experienced team will do an assessment of your site and advise whether a ducted split system is the best option for you. With so many brands on offer, we are sure to find the best ducted unit to suit your home or office.

Reasons to install a ducted reverse cycle split system air conditioner are:

  • they are quiet
  • they are easy to install, reducing installation costs
  • they can also heat with reverse cycle split system air conditioning units available
  • they are easily controlled
  • they look great and come in many designs to find one that will match in with any room.

Heath Tournier Contractors are the best team to see for any air conditioning service in Geelong and surrounding regions. We also provide a wide range of other services, including electrical, plumbing, gas and solar services. Call or visit us in our Geelong office to discuss how we can help you with your next job, and if you book more than one service with us, you will be eligible for discounts through our package deals.