Solar Power

Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar Power

Are you running with a standard gas or electric hot water system and looking for a cheaper hot water solution? Consider harnessing the energy of sunlight by installing a solar hot water system in your Geelong home. Solar hot water systems can take over the majority of your water heating costs and make good environmental sense by reducing carbon emissions.

Heath Tournier Contractors have trained and experienced staff for installing solar hot water systems, as well as solar power systems in Geelong and district to take care of other energy needs. Our expert team have installed hundreds of solar hot water systems around Geelong, the Surf Coast, Werribee and Melbourne and will carefully assess your home to tailor the installation to suit your property and achieve the best results.

We also specialise in solar hot water system servicing and maintenance so you can call us if your system isn’t working or you want to have your system regularly service to ensure it is always working to its maximum capacity.

Call and speak with someone from our friendly solar team and find out more about installing a solar hot water system in Geelong. Or, you might consider using us for other jobs such as plumbing and gas fitting throughout Geelong, electrical or air conditioning installation or repairs.