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Solar Power

We are a leading installer of solar power systems in Geelong, the Surf Coast, Werribee and Melbourne. Heath Tournier Contractors is locally owned and operated in Geelong. You can be confident our solar power experts will design and install a system to suit your individual needs and reduce your electricity bills. We also offer solar power maintenance, upgrades to existing systems and power monitoring. We only supply the best products which are backed by full warranties.

If you’ve been thinking about a green solution to the power in your home you can find out everything you need to know here.

How does solar power work?

  • Energy from the sun’s rays hit the solar panels
  • The solar panels produce DC powerThe inverter converts DC power into AC power which can be used in the home
  • The inverter converts DC power into AC power which can be used in the home
  • Your home firstly uses power generated by the solar system to power everything in your home and any additional power needed is drawn from the grid.
  • If additional power is generated by your solar system then it will be fed back into the grid.
  • A meter monitors the electricity produced and consumed

Why should you install solar power?

  • Solar Power is one the most environmentally friendly ways to produce power which can help build a sustainable future for us all.
  • A solar power system will save you money on your power bills and help protect you from inevitable electricity price rises.
  • A solar power system will add value to your home.

What size system will you need?

The solar power system size will depend on factors such as roof space, current and anticipated future energy consumption, budget, the direction your roof faces and other factors. Our expert staff can provide a free on site assessment and quote to ensure you get the system best suited to your needs.

We make the process of installing solar power simple. Our friendly solar power staff will help you at every stage of the installation process.
Call us and ask us for a free on site quote. Or send us your house plans and we can quote from there. If you are interested in solar but don’t yet have the funds to pay for a new system then call us to discuss our range of finance options and payment plans.

So if you’re considering solar power installation or a solar hot water system in Geelong or surrounding areas, call us at Heath Tournier Contractors and let us introduce you to the benefits of solar panels. You can also browse our  website and take a look at the large range of services we offer to help you achieve other projects.

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